Opioid Use Disorder Curriculum: Preclerkship Pharmacology Case-Based Learning Session

A case-based learning session for first-year medical students addresses the dearth of preclerkship medical education curricula on medications for opioid use disorder and the underlying pharmacologic principles.

Firearm Safety Counseling for Patients: An Interactive Curriculum for Trauma Providers

Firearm injuries are a major public health concern. This didactic session on firearm storage counseling for trauma providers includes a lecture and an interactive standardized patient session.

Gender-Affirming Care With Transgender and Genderqueer Patients: A Standardized Patient Case
This standardized patient case uses multiple patient iterations to portray individuals with the same health history but a different gender identity and/or sex assigned at birth so learners can practice gender-affirming care skills.

Active Calls for Submission

Structural and interpersonal expressions of racism afflict health care, whether manifesting as social determinants of health, policies that create health disparities, or diagnostic algorithms that bias treatment decisions. Racism also underlies discriminatory mistreatment of students, trainees, and physicians and the underrepresentation of non-white identities in medicine. MedEdPORTAL invites submissions that work toward dismantling racism within our profession through training and education.
The adverse effects of climate change are already apparent, pervasive, and growing. Health care professionals must play a key role in identifying, treating, and preventing climate-related adverse health outcomes while ensuring equity for all patients and communities. MedEdPORTAL invites submissions of generalizable teaching and learning climate and health curricula for integration into health professional training.
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased unmet needs for access to effective care for mental health and substance use disorders. MedEdPORTAL seeks submissions from across the health professions of generalizable educational materials in a new collection to enable training and implementation of integrated behavioral health models, which blends medical care with care for mental health and substance use disorders in one setting.