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A listing a frequently asked questions about MedEdPORTAL.

What is the benefit of the newly required Educational Summary Report?

The Educational Summary Report (ESR, introduced on November 15, 2015) is an opportunity for authors to provide a summary overview of their materials submitted for publication. Before the ESR was introduced, authors were asked to (1) develop an Instructor’s Guide based on MedEdPORTAL Submission Standards, and (2) critically reflect on the implementation and effectiveness of the materials in the submission form. The ESR allows a for a much simpler and streamlined author experience; not only is the submission form greatly reduced, but a template is available for authors with structured guidance on how to develop a strong ESR.

For more background on this transition and how it impacts our journal, please see our Update in the November edition of the MedEdPORTAL Newsletter.

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Will MedEdPORTAL resources published before November 15, 2015 have an Educational Summary Report?

No. The Educational Summary Report is only a required component of resources submitted after November 15, 2015. Authors with submissions currently undergoing peer review will have the option to include this file as a revision. Published authors will only be able to create an Educational Summary Report for their resource if they are submitting a new version in accordance with the Update & Revision Policy.

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I already prepared an Instructor Guide for my submission. Can I use any of that material for the Educational Summary Report?

Yes. If you have already developed an Instructor Guide and would like to convert it into an ESR, you should be able to copy that material into the appropriate ESR fields. The section descriptions within the Microsoft Word DocumentESR template define where the information should go. When reformatting your material, please be sure and keep your references in the correct order and use the required AMA format. The only additional work will be to write a formal abstract (250 words maximum).

In short, you should be able to create an ESR from your Instructor Guide by:

  1. Writing an abstract.
  2. Organizing your references in AMA style.
  3. Copying and pasting text into the corresponding ESR fields.
  4. Formatting according to ESR instructions.

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Who has access to MedEdPORTAL Publications?

All MedEdPORTAL services, including Publications, are available at no charge to the general public around the globe. However, publications in the "Special Clearance" collection are guarded behind a human firewall. MedEdPORTAL staff distributes these protected publications to users only after verifying their identity and confirming they are faculty at a health education institution.

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Does the AAMC ever plan to charge for access to MedEdPORTAL tools?

No, MedEdPORTAL will remain free for its users.

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How does the AAMC cover the costs to operate MedEdPORTAL?

MedEdPORTAL is funded primarily by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) with partial funding provided by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). The AAMC and ADEA are committed to ensuring that MedEdPORTAL continues to be a free service made available to health educators and learners around the world.

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How is publishing in MedEdPORTAL similar to publishing in a traditional research based journal?

From its conception, MedEdPORTAL Publications was designed to serve as a prestigious peer reviewed publishing venue through which educators both receive recognition for their educational scholarship works and promote these works through worldwide dissemination. With a editorial structure similar to a traditional print-based journal, Publications:

  • Maintains an Editor-in-Chief and an Editorial Board.
  • Follows a peer review policy that mirrors practices employed by established biomedical print journals.
  • Employs a rigorous external peer review process which is based on accepted standards of scholarship and utilizes invited expert reviewers to conduct all reviews.

Accepted publications receive a formal citation and are considered pieces of educational scholarship that may be referenced in support faculty advancement decisions. Please review our Peer-review Overview page for more information.

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Does Publications accept web-based submissions?

As of May 2009, MedEdPORTAL Publications no longer accepts submissions of externally hosted web-based educational modules. Submissions to Publications must be packaged in a format that allows for the full hosting and dissemination through the MedEdPORTAL website. This policy ensures that users may access the content which has been formally peer reviewed and accepted, in perpetuity. Please review our Important Policies & Guidelines page for more information.

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Can students submit materials to MedEdPORTAL?

Yes, health professional students from around the world are welcome to submit educational tools to Publications for formal peer review. All interested submitters are encouraged to review the Publications Submission Standards document prior to beginning the submission process.

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Does MedEdPORTAL publish materials written in foreign languages?

All materials submitted for formal peer review and posting in Publications must be written in English. If an author has an educational module that is written in another language, s/he is encouraged to partner with an English-speaking colleague to create version that can be submitted for peer review. If the English version is accepted by peer review, it will be posted to and available for download from the Publications site while referencing where the non-English version may be accessed.

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Who owns the intellectual property of peer reviewed materials in MedEdPORTAL Publications?

Published authors maintain the ownership of their submitted and posted materials. MedEdPORTAL does not pursue the intellectual property of any materials it receives or publishes. Please see our Important Policies & Guidelines page for more information.

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As a author, can I remove my peer reviewed publication?

No. Once a submission has been accepted by peer review and posted in Publications, it will remain searchable and available to the general public for free, indefinitely.

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Can an author revise his or her publication?

Authors wishing to revise a publication which has already been accepted by peer review and posted live to the site should contact MailTo to discuss their options. Typically, changes which are considered cosmetic and do not affect the content of the resource can be made by Publications staff. However, if the requested revisions significantly change the content of the publication (e.g., the addition or deletion of pertinent content), authors will be advised to submit the revised resource as a new submission to Publications for formal peer review. If accepted, this second publication will be identified as version 2.0. The original version will not be removed from Publications but will reference and direct the end user to the most recently published version.

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What happens to publications which inaccurate, obsolete or irrelevant?

MedEdPORTAL Publications strives to build and maintain a collection that is both accurate and relevant. The time-sensitive nature of many medical education resources is such that published resources may soon become inaccurate or obsolete. Abstracts of MedEdPORTAL publications identified as time-sensitive will display a notice informing end users that the publication contains information that may be inaccurate, obsolete, or irrelevant three years after the posted date of the author’s last revision to the material.

The MedEdPORTAL expiration policy affords primary authors the opportunity to reevaluate their submission for accuracy and relevance after three years. If the author would like to make cosmetic alterations that do not affect the content of the resource, MedEdPORTAL staff will simply replace the previously published resource with the revised version. If an update requires a significant change to the content of the publication, authors are encouraged to submit the revised resource as an entirely new submission to MedEdPORTAL. This second version will undergo the formal peer-review process and, if published, will be identified as publication version 2.0. The original expired publication will not be removed from MedEdPORTAL but its abstract will reference the most recent version published in MedEdPORTAL.

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Can MedEdPORTAL Publications restrict student access to assessment materials?

Yes. MedEdPORTAL publications are available for free to the general public around the globe. Authors of student sensitive submissions, such as evaluation tools, are encouraged to indicate at the time of submission that the publication be placed in the "Special Clearance" collection. Publications in the "Special Clearance" collection are guarded behind a human firewall. MedEdPORTAL staff distributes these protected publications to users only after verifying their identity and confirming they are faculty at a health education institution.

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Are MedEdPORTAL publications cited in PubMed or MEDLINE?

MedEdPORTAL Publications are not currently cited in PubMed ( Link) or MEDLINE (medline.cos.comExternal Link). However, Publications is in the process of preparing for formal application to be indexed. Since MedEdPORTAL publications are different from typical print-based research journal publications, MedEdPORTAL strives to demonstrate impact through usage data. Published authors can access their real-time usage reports by signing into their MedEdPORTAL account and clicking on the "My MedEdPORTAL" tab.

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How does an author measure the impact of his or her publication?

Published authors may access real-time usage reports for each of their publications by signing into their MedEdPORTAL account and clicking on the "My MedEdPORTAL" tab. Usage reports provide details regarding publication downloads. These include total download counts, educational reason for download, and the downloading user’s role, affiliated institution and residing country. Authors are encouraged to utilize the detailed usage reports to demonstrate the impact of their publication within the scholarly health education community. Usage reports can accompany an author's formal MedEdPORTAL Publications citation within CV packets as a means to support promotion and tenure decisions.

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