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After more than eleven years with MedEdPORTAL, Chris Chandler, MD, EdD, has decided to step down as editor-in-chief. PDF DocumentView Chris Candler's letter to MedEdPORTAL community.

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Special Clearance Discontinued

In order to fully comply with standards for open-access electronic publishing, MedEdPORTAL Publications is no longer able to support limited access to select publications. All of our publication data must be preserved in a digital archive that guarantees permanent access to our publications. This is a necessary step to ensure that all abstracts and citations are searchable through the PubMed database. Because we cannot archive files that are restricted from general download, MedEdPORTALPublications will no longer offer the Special Clearance status to authors.

MedEdPORTAL staff will contact all authors of previously published materials with Special Clearance status and provide them with a choice of two options. MedEdPORTAL will either (1) remove the restricted status from the publication, opening up the publication to general download, or (2) deactivate the current publication and move the citation to our list of legacy publications that have formally been peer reviewed but are no longer hosted by MedEdPORTAL. Users who wish to access a legacy publication will have to contact the author for further information.

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MedEdPORTAL Top 10 Reviewers

Please join us in recognizing our outstanding peer reviewers, each of whom ensure submitted resources are accurate, clear, complete, and relevant to health education. Their thoughtful feedback is important to authors as they seek recognition of their scholarly work and endeavor to make continued improvements.

Our top ten peer reviewers are those who have completed at least three reviews and provided the most comprehensive and timely feedback to our authors. With much appreciation, MedEdPORTAL Publications acknowledges our Outstanding Reviewers for 2016.

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MedEdPORTAL Statistics and Operations Data: Q2 2016

Please visit our Metrics page to see complete MedEdPORTAL statistics for the second quarter of 2016, including overall usage data (e.g., frequency of publication downloads, types of users who download, and reasons they download) and overall publications data (e.g., accept/reject rate, time to final decision and publication, etc.).

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Register for Learn Serve Lead 2016

Learn Serve Lead—open to all those who care about the future of academic medicine—is the only meeting where our community converges to discuss and expand the future of medical schools and teaching hospitals. By bringing together our community from across campuses, across disciplines, and across missions, we can enable connections, deliver thought-provoking change, and provide leadership that will transform health care. Early bird registration is now open.

MedEdPORTAL and Curriculum Inventory Sessions:

  • Curriculum Inventory Update
    November 13, 2016, 4:30-5:45PM, Center 618-620
  • Between the Bench and the Bedside: The Role of Scholarly Publishing in Advancing Academic Medicine
    November 14, 2016, 10:30-11:45AM, Center: 611-614
  • MedEdPORTAL/Academic Medicine Reviewer Reception and Award Ceremony
    November 14, 2016, 7:30-9PM, Hyatt Leonesa I and II

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