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MedEdPORTAL Editor-in-Chief’s Viewpoint in AAMCNews

Dr. Grace Huang describes how medical faculty can bridge the gap between their own teaching activities and the wider world of published educational research. She describes the evolution in medical education research from good teaching to scholarly teaching to the scholarship of learning and teaching. She also discusses MedEdPORTAL’s place in the vanguard of medical education research and publishing. Please click here to read the full article.

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Educational Summary Report Template

All submissions to MedEdPORTAL require an Educational Summary Report (ESR). The ESR functions as a guide to the purpose, use, and evaluation of the activity, and is considered an integral part of the potential publication. A template is provided to authors to ensure their ESR is thorough and relevant and meets scholarship standards. Please see the most recent version of the template, which has recently been updated based on feedback from focus groups across the country.

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Jodi Abbott, MD: Associate Editor, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Jodi Abbott, MD

MedEdPORTAL would like to welcome our newest associate editor, Dr. Jodi Abbott. Her passion for women’s health and quality improvement education has propelled her into a variety of roles to reach learners and educators. Dr. Abbott's career includes roles as residency program director, clerkship director, and now Assistant Dean for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement at Boston University.

As an educator, Dr. Abbott has been able to reach out and impact many physicians and their patients. Designing and providing resources for educators in order to facilitate their ability to spend their time in the direct teaching of learners has been both a goal and an accomplishment of Dr. Abbott. As an educational researcher and curriculum innovator, she has directed projects with medical students and residents, presenting with them at meetings for over 10 years and, over time, seeing them contribute as faculty mentors to students and residents of their own. As an educator, Dr. Abbott has been bringing medical students and residents together as a team to demonstrate the effectiveness of their tools. She has been able to share her expertise locally in her role at BUSM, and nationally via the APGO/CREOG community of educators, and via the forum of the AAMC IQ meetings.

Dr. Abbott recently completed a Health Care Management degree. Her goal was to gain skills and knowledge relevant to reframing the content of the undergraduate healthcare education. Dr. Abbott's clinical expertise has been in the evaluation and management of pregnancy loss, preterm birth and prenatal diagnosis. Part of her retraining was to learn the tools of quality improvement in order to clinically improve the pregnancy outcomes for our highest risk population of Women. She have been working to expand this influence by teaching quality methodology to two entire classes of BUSM medical students. During this academic year, Dr. Abbott has been able to utilize her leadership and expertise in QI to bring the demonstration of implementation science to regional and national meetings. Her most recent clinical implementation is working with the March of Dimes to implement low dose aspirin to reduce disparities in preterm birth.

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Q1 2017 Metrics Update

Please visit our Metrics page to see complete MedEdPORTAL statistics for the first quarter of 2017, including overall peer review data (e.g., time to final decision and publication, etc.) and overall usage data (e.g., frequency of publication downloads, types of users who download, etc.).

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Conducting Research in Health Professions Education: From Idea to Publication

Check out Academic Medicine’s latest e-book, Conducting Research in Health Professions Education: From Idea to Publication. The e-book, consisting entirely of Last Pages, provides over 40 one-page primers on topics related to medical education research. Last Pages in the e-book explore every stage of research from developing research questions, finding secondary data sources, and working in collaborations, to defining response rate, writing revisions, and promoting your published work.

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American Dental Education Association Seeking Associate Editor for MedEdPORTAL

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is seeking applicants for the position of Associate Editor, Dental Education. The associate editor is selected by the ADEA President and CEO and appointed by the Association of American Medical Colleges. For information on this position, which closes on June 1, 2017, please see the full description.

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Call for Submissions: Opioids Education

Opioid abuse is a serious public health issue and drug overdose deaths are now the leading cause of injury death in the United States. Academic medicine is on the frontlines in our communities dealing with opioid abuse—responding with new approaches to substance abuse, delivering pain management education, and leading efforts in this area to advance medical research and promote innovations in clinical care (

MedEdPORTAL actively invites authors, owners, and contributors of educational material in this area to submit their works for publication consideration. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, alternative pain management strategies, addiction treatment strategies, safe opioid prescribing, risk assessment and mitigation strategies, and equity of pain management approaches. For more information on MedEdPORTAL submission requirements and to view the full call, please see here.

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Call for Submissions: Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a scientific, evidence-based approach to decreasing disease risk and illness burden by utilizing lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, sleep, smoking cessation, and avoidance of alcohol abuse. The Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative’s mission is to provide an array of evidence-based curricular resources to be adopted throughout medical education for the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases. For additional information, please visit

MedEdPORTAL invites authors, owners, and contributors of valuable lifestyle education materials to submit their works for publication consideration. Potential topics for this collection include nutrition, exercise/physical activity, smoking cessation, alcohol abuse and abstinence, stress and burnout, resiliency, behavior change, sleep hygiene, and noncommunicable chronic disease.

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Clinical Education Resources

The Veterans Affairs South Central Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Centers (SC MIRECC) announces the release of two clinical education resources. The resources are available to the general public on the SC MIRECC website and at the links below.

Pocket Guide for Clinicians for Management of Chronic Pain
Description: The pocket guide is designed to assist primary care providers and trainees gain an understanding of pain and facilitate early assessment and intervention. It describes  the essential elements of pain assessment, types of pain, neurobiology of pain, and common medical and psychiatric co-morbidities.

Collaborative Safety Planning for Older Adults with Wallet Card
Description:  The manual is a collection of best practices and practical tips for safety planning, with a focus on issues pertinent to older adults. It is suitable for all professionals (including social workers, physicians, psychologists, and nurses) who work with older adults experiencing suicidality.

Please visit the SC MIRECC for a listing of evidence based mental health educational material.

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