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MEDLINE Indexing and Archiving

Our application to the NLM for indexing status in MEDLINE and inclusion in the PubMed database has been submitted. The next opportunity for review is in October, and we are hopeful that MedEdPORTAL will receive a favorable decision before the end of the year. Regardless of the application’s outcome, we will pursue archiving so that our publications are searchable in PubMed.

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Transitioning the iCollaborative

MedEdPORTAL will now be focused on peer reviewed content only, however the AAMC remains committed to preserving iCollaborative content. Beginning in September, iCollaborative resources will transition from the MedEdPORTAL website and will adopt a new URL and taxonomy that aligns with the AAMC’s main website ( All current URLs will be redirected. Further information will be provided as we begin this transition. As always, feel free to email us at with any questions.

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New Open Access Website

MedEdPORTAL will launch a new website this fall, which will mark the official transition of MedEdPORTAL to a full open-access (OA) journal. OA provides free and unrestricted access for readers so they will no longer need to sign-in to download and access content.

Benefits of OA
OA is consistent with MedEdPORTAL’s mission of educational scholarship and dissemination across the health professions, and allows our publications to be more machine-accessible (i.e., improved search engine indexing and discoverability), driving traffic and usage to our site. OA also increases ease of access for users outside the AAMC, including our partner organizations and researchers. Furthermore, unrestricted access is consistent with permanent archival of our publication content, a necessary step toward inclusion in PubMed.

Change in Usage Data
Eliminating the sign-in requirement will change the type of user data we collect for each publication. Rather than track individual user downloads (i.e., user role, institution, and reason for download), OA will allow us to track download count, page views, social media mentions, and more. Authors (including coauthors) will be able to generate real-time usage reports that display this data.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a primary author of a publication and you would like to download the current detailed usage report, please do so by signing into My MedEdPORTAL by August 31. Once we transition to the new site, these usage reports, including detailed user-specific data, will no longer be available.

Improved Search/Functionality
The site will incorporate a robust search feature, including auto suggestions, and users will be able to narrow search results with a more user friendly navigation and a refined taxonomy.

News Updates/Opt-In
Users will be able to opt-in to receive email alerts when new content is published that match their interest or when updates and events are added to the website. This provides users with the ability to decide their interaction level with the site. As a result, we will discontinue distribution of the quarterly MedEdPORTAL newsletter.

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Call for Submissions: Opioids Education

Opioid abuse is a serious public health issue and drug overdose deaths are now the leading cause of injury death in the United States. Academic medicine is on the frontlines in our communities dealing with opioid abuse—responding with new approaches to substance abuse, delivering pain management education, and leading efforts in this area to advance medical research and promote innovations in clinical care (

MedEdPORTAL actively invites authors, owners, and contributors of educational material in this area to submit their works for publication consideration. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, alternative pain management strategies, addiction treatment strategies, safe opioid prescribing, risk assessment and mitigation strategies, and equity of pain management approaches. For more information on MedEdPORTAL submission requirements and to view the full call, please see here.

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Call for Submissions: Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a scientific, evidence-based approach to decreasing disease risk and illness burden by utilizing lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, sleep, smoking cessation, and avoidance of alcohol abuse. The Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative’s mission is to provide an array of evidence-based curricular resources to be adopted throughout medical education for the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases. For additional information, please visit

MedEdPORTAL invites authors, owners, and contributors of valuable lifestyle education materials to submit their works for publication consideration. Potential topics for this collection include nutrition, exercise/physical activity, smoking cessation, alcohol abuse and abstinence, stress and burnout, resiliency, behavior change, sleep hygiene, and noncommunicable chronic disease.

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