A Case-Based and Evidence-Based Seminar Series for Senior Dental Students

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9215 August 15, 2012 8


The teaching module presented is a small portion of a multi-disciplinary seminar series, which uses an evidence and case-based approach to teach senior year dental students about the parallels seen in clinical dentistry and to stress treatment decision-making based on evidence, to support synthesis of new concepts based on a scientific approach, to strengthen our students’ ability to self reflect, and to emphasize the tenets of life-long learning.

This course has been 5 years in planning and implementation. We believe that based on the results of our examinations and other assessment tools that the course has been very effective in reaching our educational objectives stated above.
We spent one year in planning the course and have been adjusting the different themes every year. For example we introduced three new themes this year, two of which were a hybrid of the previous themes, one being completely new.
We feel that this course has been proven to be a significant tool for preparing our senior students for National Board Part II. Student feedback has indicated that as well.


Fendler F, Hoover T, Lyon L. A case-based and evidence-based seminar series for senior dental students. MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2012;8:9215. http://doi.org/10.15766/mep_2374-8265.9215

Educational Objectives

  1. Support and expand application of theory to clinical practice experiences
  2. Stress treatment decision-making based on evidence
  3. Support synthesis of new concepts based on a scientific approach
  4. Strengthen students’ ability to self-reflect
  5. Emphasize the tenets of life-long learning


  • Multi-Disciplinary, Life-Long Learning, Case-Based


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