Oral Health in Medicine Model Curriculum: Edentulism and Complete Denture Care

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9272 November 21, 2012 1


Series of presentations to describe the edentulous patients and complete dentures, the oral structures of edentulous patients and the complete denture fabrication process is complied. Concept of using dental implants to provide retention for complete dentures is described, along with proper maintenance of complete dentures and oral hygiene instructions.


Lee D, Felton D. Oral Health in Medicine Model Curriculum: Edentulism and Complete Denture Care. MedEdPORTAL Publications; 2012. Available from: https://www.mededportal.org/adea/publication/9272   http://dx.doi.org/10.15766/mep_2374-8265.9272

Contains Information Suitable for Patient Education

Educational Objectives

  1. To apply foundational knowledge of oral health to perform basic assessment screening for edentulous patients.
  2. To understand the application of oral health screening and prevention guidelines in health assessment and exams for edentulous patients using complete dentures.
  3. To integrate knowledge of oral health impact on systemic health and disease into patient care, specifically the disease associated with edentulism.
  4. To optimize oral health and treatment outcomes through effective outreach and collaboration with dental professionals, specifically, proper maintenance and oral hygiene provided for edentulous patients using complete dentures.


  • Hygiene, Dental Implants, Overdenture, Overlay Denture, Complete Dentures, Edentulism, Building Oral Health Capacity (BOHC) Collection


  • Dental
    • Implant Dentistry
    • Prosthodontics


  • Knowledge for Practice
  • Patient Care

Professional Interest

  • Health Education
  • Oral Health

Instructional Methods

  • Lecture

Academic Focus

  • Clinical Sciences
    • Clinical Skills/Doctoring

Intended Audience

  • Professional School
    • Dental Student


  • Presentation

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