Got Ethics? Exploring the Value of Interprofessional Collaboration Through a Comparison of Discipline Specific Codes of Ethics

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9331 January 30, 2013 1


Quality health care requires that health professionals are well informed about the contributions of the own and other health professionals. Ethics is a shared, relevant concern among health and human service disciplines and is an ideal vehicle to for students from different fields to learn about one another's disciplines and to participate in interprofessional discussions and problem solving. (Interprofessional Education Collaborative, 2011; World Health Organization, 2010)

This session is relevant to a number of the general and specific core competencies named in the Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Report of an Expert Panel, including:

  • Work with individuals of other professions to maintain a climate of mutual respect and shared values.
  • Respect the unique cultures, values, roles/responsibilities, and expertise of other health professions.
  • Listen actively, and encourage ideas and opinions of other team members.
  • Develop consensus on the ethical principles to guide all aspects of patient care and team work.
  • Reflect on individual and team performance for individual, as well as team, performance improvement.

The session can be used at any time in a course sequence and may be especially useful as an introductory session. 


Akerson E, Stewart A, Baldwin J, Gloeckner J, Bryson B, Cockley D. Got Ethics? Exploring the Value of Interprofessional Collaboration Through a Comparison of Discipline Specific Codes of Ethics. MedEdPORTAL Publications; 2013. Available from:​adea/​publication/​9331​10.15766/​mep_2374-8265.9331

Educational Objectives

  1. To engage in respectful discussion with other health and human service students from the same and different disciplines.
  2. To develop an understanding of commonalities and differences in the ethical principles in health and human services professions. 


  • Ethical Decision-Making, Interprofessional Education Collaboration (IPEC)


  • Medical
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Family Medicine
    • Internal Medicine
      • Geriatric Medicine
    • Neurology
    • Pediatrics
    • Preventive Medicine
    • Psychiatry
    • Surgery-General
  • Dental
    • Ethics
    • Medical Ethics


  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Interprofessional Collaboration
  • Professionalism

Professional Interest

  • Communication Skills
  • Curriculum Development/Evaluation
  • Instructional Materials/Methods
  • Interprofessional
  • Medical Ethics

Instructional Methods

  • Independent Learning

Academic Focus

  • Basic Sciences
    • Psychology/Behavioral Science
  • Clinical Sciences
    • Clinical Skills/Doctoring

Intended Audience

  • Professional & Faculty Development
  • Professional School
    • Medical Student
  • Professional School Post-Graduate Training
    • Resident


  • Evaluation Tool
  • Reference

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