Interprofessional Collaborative Care: Addressing Oral-Systemic Health Connections

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9351 February 26, 2013 9


Using a three pronged approach, the following content is delivered through a mixed media design:

Instruction on oral-systemic relationships. A video recording of a concise lecture presented by a qualified specialist covers the chronic inflammatory process caused by periodontal disease. Included in the presentation is a review of current science describing evidence-based links between chronic inflammatory periodontitis and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy outcomes, and other systemic conditions such as respiratory diseases, obesity, and kidney disease is provided. Content includes what is known and what is not known about these links and why.

Assessment of patients’ oral health in a medical setting. Through a recorded webcast lecture and a video recording demonstration, participants will learn how to properly perform an oral screening. Also included is instruction on how to perform periodontal disease risk assessments in a medical setting, when and how to explain oral-systemic links to patients and how to determine when and how to make appropriate referrals.

Interdisciplinary management of patient. Video recorded reenactments demonstrate how to incorporate oral screenings as part of routine care in a medical setting and how to ask more in depth questions, based upon knowledge gained concerning the oral systemic relationship. Participants are also guided, through these reenactments, on when and how to make appropriate referrals based upon what is presented by a patient.

This module is both learner and patient focused. It will function as a full, stand-alone teaching/learning and assessment activity. By implementing a three pronged approach, this module teaches concepts of oral health in the context of overall human health. The content is relevant and can be inserted into medical school curricula where content experts may not be readily available.

This module is innovative in that it will enable module participants, as practitioners, to perform periodontal risk assessments to supplement overall health evaluations and aid in making proper referrals. This will occur through building knowledge specific to the association between periodontal disease and other systemic conditions as presented in the content of the module. This knowledge will be applied in the evaluation of patients resulting in the identification of patients needing referrals resulting in the utilization of an interdisciplinary approach to patient care.


Bonwell P, Lanning S, Sahingur S, et al. Interprofessional collaborative care: addressing oral-systemic health connections. MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2013;9:9351.

Contains Information Suitable for Patient Education

Educational Objectives

  1. To be able to explain the chronic inflammatory process caused by periodontal disease.
  2. To be able to describe the link between chronic inflammatory periodontitis and diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and pregnancy outcomes.
  3. To be able to describe the link between chronic inflammatory periodontitis and other systemic conditions such as obesity, dementia, respiratory and kidney diseases stemming from evidence that suggests an association.
  4. To be able to perform an appropriate oral screening in a medical setting.
  5. To be able to formulate periodontal disease risk assessments based on screening findings.
  6. To be able to recognize the need to refer a patient to an oral health specialist based upon oral lesion presented.
  7. To be able to formulate periodontal disease risk assessments based on screening findings and questionnaire responses.
  8. To be able to explain the oral-systemic links to patients to aid in maintaining overall health.
  9. To be able to define when to make appropriate referrals to aid in maintaining overall health.
  10. To be able to write/articulate referrals to other health care providers.


  • Periodontal Disease, Referrals and Consultation, Role Playing, Building Oral Health Capacity (BOHC) Collection, Public Health Sciences, Population Health

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