Anti-racism in Medicine Collection

Racism is discrimination based in an ideology of racial hierarchy that facilitates inequities between groups of people. Sociopolitically constructed racial categories are necessary precursors to global systems of racist oppression, including slavery, and continue to fuel the systemic disenfranchisement of minoritized individuals and communities in the United States. The police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are symbolic of the myriad of racial injustices that Black people have endured throughout history, while also underscoring the physical, political, socioeonomic, and existential assaults continually experienced by all Black and Brown communities.
Structural and interpersonal expressions of racism also afflict health care, whether manifesting as social determinants of health, policies that create health disparities, or diagnostic algorithms that bias treatment decisions. Racism also underlies discriminatory mistreatment of students, trainees, and physicians and the intentional and historical exclusion of minoritized identities in medicine.
As a journal of health professions educational resources, it is our responsibility to name racism as a barrier to equity and to work toward dismantling systems of oppression within our profession through training and education. The new Anti-racism in Medicine Collection within MedEdPORTAL provides educators with practice-based, peer-reviewed resources to teach anti-racist knowledge and clinical skills, elevates the educational scholarship of anti-racist curricula, and aims to convene a community of collaborators dedicated to the elimination of racism within medical education. To specifically support developers of and educators in anti-racist curricula, we also offer individualized mentorship for potential authors. 
By increasing awareness, providing professional development, contextualizing content in culturally relevant ways, and spurring explicit dialogue about racism, our journal joins the fight against health inequity and racial injustice.


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