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Cultural Diversity

What Patients Bring to the Medical Encounter? Dealing with the Whole Patient

The overall objective of this case is to provide students with an opportunity to focus on the important aspects of the social history and how it relates to the current medical issues at hand. In this session we want to focus on their skills in obtaining adequate and useful information about the patient's social context in the medical interview. This has been found to help medical students understand the role physicians ha...

Interpersonal Assessment

Assessment of Medical Student Professionalism Development

Thirteen measures of medical student professionalism were developed with grants from the NBME Stemmler Medical Education Fund. The measures were designed to asses medical student professionalism development throughout the four years of the undergraduate medical education curriculum. It is highly recommended to begin peer assessment early in the curriculum, preferably in the first year and in small group setting.Structural...

Oral Health

The Oral Cavity: A Study of the Development, Anatomy and Histology of the Oral Cavity

The Oral Cavity: A Study of the Development, Anatomy and Histology of the Oral Cavity is a concise, yet comprehensive review of the oral cavity. The presentation is intended for medical and dental students and residents who are preparing for the board examinations or reviewing embryology, anatomy and histology of the oral cavity. The presentation maybe used in private or in the lecture hall to learn or deliver a comprehen...

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Teaching Video: "Handoffs: A Typical Day on the Wards"

This teaching video represents a worst-case communication failure scenario based on a string of common, yet avoidable pitfalls in patient handoffs as documented in our body of research. This resource has been utilized to instruct undergraduate and graduate medical education trainees on the barriers and facilitators to effective care transitions. This workshop can be offered either within a cultural competency curriculum o...

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