Oral Health in Medicine Model Curriculum

The Building Oral Health Collection (BOHC) aims to advance physician understanding of the oral-systemic impact on overall health and support preparing clinicians to provide comprehensive coordinated care. The collection is based off of eight key topic areas and requisite content for comprehension that form an oral health curriculum for undergraduate medical education. Watch the "Making the Case for Oral Health in Medicine for Faculty and Learners" video below to learn more.

This video is part of a series of animated video shorts created to help frame oral health in medicine. These can be used as part of a shared learning experience or independently for asynchronous learning, either for faculty or as pre-engagement preparation for learners.

Download the Building Oral Health Collection!

Collaborative expert educators developed this collection of teaching tools and have identified shared requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to the recognition, diagnosis, treatment and referral for oral health appropriate for medical students related to clinical dentistry and that of clinical medicine for dental students.

BOHC At-a-Glance

Each resource in the collection includes an advanced “At-A-Glance” organizer created for each oral health in medicine publication to provide a snapshot of the primary focus and instructional delivery methods in an easy-to-read one-page format. 

The At-a-Glance includes a resource intensity score, rating the time, physical tools, and FTE requirements for implementation. 

Watch the Video Series

Animated video shorts created to help frame oral health in medicine.

Support for the oral health in medicine video shorts was sponsored in part by funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration/Maternal Child Health Bureau grant #U44MC20223.

History of BOHC

In 2010, the Association of American Medical Colleges was awarded grant funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to develop, peer review and disseminate curriculum around Building Oral Health Training Capacity in Medical Education.

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