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MedEdPORTAL Publications for Undergraduate Science (uScience) collection is geared towards classroom-tested and peer reviewed instructional resources for undergraduate-level science courses - with a primary focus on human health issues. In October 2009, a competitive call went out to a targeted group of undergraduate science faculty inviting them to share their best teaching materials related to human health. Eleven faculty members were selected to be a part of the inaugural group to submit their teaching resources for peer review. Those resources that passed peer review are now available! The new uScience collection will begin by focusing on the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics) and the social and behavioral sciences.

Additional Information

We are seeking partners and funding to further develop the MedEdPORTAL Publications uScience collection. A growing and vibrant uScience collection will make it easier for undergraduate science faculty to bring innovation into the undergraduate science classroom and improve learning outcomes for their students.

For additional questions about the uScience pilot collection and to get involved with this initiative, please send inquiries to MailTo Linkmededportal@aamc.orgMailTo Link.

uScience Inaugural Collection

The Use of Cancer Biology To Augment Concepts In Core Curriculum Cellular and Molecular Biology

Purpose of Module: By the conclusion of this module, students will be able to determine the consequences of abnormal cell functions and structures. Historically students learn about generic cellular functions and structures but do not make connections between the subtle changes that can lead to pathology. In an effort to address this disconnection, this exercise will introduce students to common abnormalities in cancer ce...

Introduction to Biochemistry: Protein Structure and Enzyme Basics

This is a student-directed, stand-alone tutorial designed to help teach undergraduate pre-health students an understanding of basic protein structure and enzyme basics. The tutorial is intended both for students to find on uScience MedEdPORTAL as well as to be recommended to them by instructors as a supplement to their undergraduate coursework. Within the tutorial, these concepts are related to human health and disease us...

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