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Palliative, Advanced & End of Life Care

End of Life Issues & Symptom Management

Issues relating to the end of life are often a part of caring for older patients in the ED. While there seems like a gulf between the skills of the palliative physician and the Emergency physician, work in the ED frequently requires knowledge of the basics of high-quality palliative care.This module looks at several ED patients to illustrate the basics. An awareness of disease trajectories and how to use it in addressing ...


Patient Blood Management through the Lens of Patient Safety

While blood has played a central role in clinical practice for decades, the proof of safety and efficacy of blood transfusions remains ill-defined in comparison to other forms of medical and surgical interventions. This module reviews the safety implications of blood transfusion and introduces the practice of Patient Blood Management (PBM). Patient Blood Management is the scientific use of safe and effective medical and s...

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