OPEN ACCESSSeptember 21, 2012

A Writer's Toolkit


    This resource is a comprehensive toolkit designed to assist junior faculty members in the process of scientific writing and publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. This toolkit explains how to plan a scholarly project and conduct a literature search. The toolkit goes on to address the basics of publication in a peer-reviewed journal, including choosing the appropriate target journal, establishing a timetable, writing for scientific audiences, and submitting the manuscript. Throughout this toolkit, we have also provided advice specifically targeted to medical educators. This toolkit was initially distributed as a hard copy to a small group of participants in the Brigham and Women's Series for Medical Educators and the Brigham and Women's Faculty Mentoring Leadership Program. It was also distributed to 200 attendees of the Harvard Medical School Academy Writing for Scholarship Symposium in May 2012. The symposium was designed to complement the toolkit by providing an interactive forum for discussion of challenges in scholarly writing and publication.

    Educational Objectives

    By the end of this resource, participants will be able to:

    1. Describe the basic structure of a manuscript.

    2. Understand fundamental principles of scientific writing.

    3. Describe the process of submitting a journal article.

    4. Describe the review process and how to respond to reviews.