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Integrating Quality (IQ)

Improving Communication and Team Performance Using Risk-Informed In-Situ Simulation

In-situ simulation, using methods adopted from the air-carrier industry, offers a unique approach to improve and evaluate teamwork and communication in the clinical environment. This poster describes the Risk Informed In-Situ Simulation for Pediatric Emergency Transfers project, which evaluated the capacity to expand clinical team training by integrating previously-identified risks into simulation scenarios, conducting in...

Innovation Challenge Collection

Development, Evaluation, and Refinement of an Offsite Clinical Pharmacist Service within a University Family Medicine System

Clinical pharmacists are part of integrated healthcare teams and provide clinical medication recommendations for primary care physicians. On-site clinical pharmacy services are increasingly common in primary care and have been shown to improve medication prescribing and medication use through the delivery of interprofessional care. The provision of clinical pharmacy services on-site may not be the most effective or effici...


Health Disparities and the Healthy Cities Program

This videotaped lecture discusses the social determinants of health, cultural health disparities, and the World Health Organization's Healthy Cities approach to addressing the root causes of these disparities. The examples provided in the lecture illustrate how communities and groups can leverage social resources to promote health in various settings....

Joining Forces

Military Health History Pocket Card for Clinicians and Trainees

The Military Health History Pocket Card provides clinician trainees with a resource to aid in understanding the health issues that are unique to veterans. The card suggests questions that will invite the veteran/patient to tell his/her own story, which can help in establishing rapport and working partnerships between the veteran and the clinician....

Group on Educational Affairs (GEA) Poster Sessions

Mobile Educational Technology in Education

Mobile devices have potential as educational tools in the form of self-assessments and accessing course resources. The aim of this study was to determine whether medical students use their mobile devices in an educational capacity. This poster details the short survey that was designed to assess student perceptions of mobile application use, barriers and technical issues, and interest in mobile educational technology. *Pr...
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