The Heart Improvement Project of the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine

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160 May 4, 2012 Reference
University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy


The resource describes the Heart Improvement Project (HIP), a comprehensive cardiovascular risk reduction program in northern Tulsa, OK. HIP fosters collaboration among community and government agencies, and the University of Oklahoma medical and public health schools. HIP effectively augments traditional public health outreach efforts and clinical care delivery for uninsured patients with increased cardiovascular risk, by performing outreach in non-traditional, non-clinical settings.

*2011 Readiness for Reform (R4R) Innovation Challenge


Overall Goal:

To reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in the areas of greatest need, by focusing on uninsured patients with increased cardiovascular risk. 


  1. Blood pressure control rates.
  2. Achievement of lipid management goals.
  3. Improvements in diabetes control to an HgbA1c < 7.0%.


  • Uninsured, Diabetes, Public Health, Cardiovascular Risk, Hypertension, Outreach

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