Using CAD/CAM Technology to Evaluate Preparations in the Clinic

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605 February 11, 2013 Presentation
New York University College of Dentistry


Evaluating students’ preparations chair side during live-patient procedures has been the standard in dental schools for providing feedback and improving students’ skills. Once the definitive restoration is placed, the student loses the opportunity to critique their work. Evaluating the die for indirect restorations, or taking an impression of the preparation and evaluating the model for direct restorations are other options, but a magnified rendering would enable both the student and faculty collectively to study the preparation with greater clarity.

Using the new CAD/CAM technology, we now are able to record an optical impression of the cavity preparation and magnify it 12 times. The CEREC acquisition unit is needed to capture the image; it is not required for viewing. Viewing the image only requires that the faculty/student have the CEREC software loaded on their computer. That magnified image can be exported in a file easily read by the faculty and the student doctors. The cavity preparation may be evaluated for proper convergence or divergence, inspecting neighboring teeth for damage, measuring the cavo-surface margin to the pulpal floor among other elements. Communication between faculty and student while looking at their own work, will improve their ability to prepare teeth as well as pass required competencies. Improving their skills will increase their knowledge and abilities.

*Presented at 2013 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition


  1. To provide pre-doctoral students with a tool that permits them to objectively examine their preparation on a computer screen using magnification.

  2. To provide pre-doctoral students the opportunity to discuss their work with faculty and peers in a remote environment without the need for the patient to be present.

  3. To allow students to identify their weakness and improve patient care.


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