Using CAD/CAM Technology to Evaluate Preparations in the Clinic

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605 February 11, 2013 Presentation
New York University College of Dentistry


Evaluating students’ preparations chair-side during live patient procedures is standard in dental schools to provide feedback and improve students’ doctoring skills. Once the definitive restoration is placed during a dental procedure, the student loses the opportunity to critique their work. Using new CAD/CAM technology, students are able to record an optical impression of the cavity preparation and magnify the image, which can be exported easily into a file read by faculty and student doctors. This presentation describes how communication between faculty and student doctors while doing a self-assessment can improve the students' ability to prepare teeth as well as pass required competencies.

*Presented at 2013 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition


  1. To provide pre-doctoral students with a tool that permits them to objectively examine their preparation on a computer screen using magnification.

  2. To provide pre-doctoral students the opportunity to discuss their work with faculty and peers in a remote environment without the need for the patient to be present.

  3. To allow students to identify their weakness and improve patient care.


  • Dental Education, Dental Technology, CAD/CAM Competency, eHealth, Technology, Simulation, Laboratory

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