Surveying the Emergent Care Landscape: Preparing Students for Emergency Dental Patients

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606 February 11, 2013 Poster
New York University College of Dentistry


It is extremely important for a dental student to develop the skills to effectively diagnose and treat the dental emergency patient. New York University College of Dentistry has developed a simplified approach to aid our dental students in the effective diagnosis and treatment of the emergency patient. The innovation involves using the acronym SOAP and a step by step interactive model to aid a dental student in accurately diagnosing a dental emergency.

*Presented at 2013 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition


  1. To develop the diagnostic skills necessary as D2 and D3 dental students to triage and treat the emergency patient.
  2. To acquire information thorough data collection.
  3. To recognize the origin of pain.
  4. To address the patient's chief complaint.
  5. To have a plan of action.
  6. To alleviate the patient's pain.
  7. To develop the critical thinking skills required to establish a differential diagnosis through the logical progression of our algorithm.


  • SOAP, Interactive, Critical Thinking Skills, Emergency Dental Patients

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