Computed Tomography

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645 April 2, 2013 Lab Guide, Reference
Portland State University


The lab consists of a simulation of a computed tomography (CT) scanner used to teach a broad spectrum of fundamental ideas in both mathematics and physics, with links to anatomy and biology. The simulated CT apparatus used in the lab is principally composed of a Vernier photogate and rotation sensor as well as a standard rotation table. Students will determine the positions and sizes of objects inside a mystery box, similar to the way in which CT noninvasively probes a patient’s anatomy.

*This resource was recognized as a top submission by the AAMC’s Pre-health Initiative review committee.


  • MCAT, Pre-health, Foundational Concept 4, Content Category 4D, Content Category 4E, Undergraduate Faculty, Laboratory, CT Scanner, LabVIEW, VERNIER, uScience

Academic Focus

  • Basic Sciences
    • Physics

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  • University/College Undergraduate
    • Undergraduate Student

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