Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency (UPDATED)

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We are excited to provide you with the final “version 1.0” of the Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for Entering Residency. This work has been the product of a great deal of effort over the past year and a half. The materials provided here include two versions: a Curriculum Developers’ Guide; and a Faculty and Learners’ Guide.

The Core EPAs for Entering Residency initiative was undertaken to improve the health of the public we serve by addressing the concern about a gap between program directors’ expectations and new residents’ performance on day one of residency. Given the focus on patient safety generally and the “July effect” specifically, we thought the time was right to identify a short list of integrated activities to be expected of all M.D. graduates making the transition from medical school to residency: the Core Entrustable Behaviors for Entering Residency.

This publication is a beginning to what we hope will be an ongoing conversation about how to assure that students are well prepared for residency training and, ultimately, for unsupervised practice as physicians. With that end in mind, we are asking you to share your feedback on implementing the Core EPAS for Entering Residency at your sites. We need to understand from you what works, in what contexts, and for whom.

Specifically, we need your comments on the following questions:

  • What is the curriculum content that you consider core to prepare learners for entrustment on each of the EPAs?
  • Where in the curriculum do the learning experiences and assessments of performance occur for each of the EPAs?
  • How are you assessing the learners in each of the EPAs?

  • What is your process for making entrustment decisions?  Who is involved?  What documentation do you require?  How are the decisions communicated to the learner?  To others?

We hope that you will use this site to share experiences and lessons learned with each other as we all try to work towards continuous improvement of our educational process and more importantly, the outcomes of that process-our future physicians.


  1. To delineate the core EPAs that every MD resident should be able to do on day 1 of residency without direct supervision, regardless of specialty.

  2. To engage AAMC constituents in a pilot to develop curriculum, assessment, and faculty development for the EPAs.


  • Competency-based medical education, Entrustable Professional Activities, EPA, Competencies

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