Submission Policies & Guidelines

Patient Health Information

Upon receipt of an iCollaborative submissions, staff screen files for personal health information such as photos, images, charts, graphs, lab values, radiographs, or health records. Should identifiable health information be found within a submission, the must comply with one of the following two options:

  • Provide the written permission received from each individual which grants the inclusion of the personal health information in the submission; or
  • Ensure all individual identifiers (i.e., pictures displaying facial features, name, date of birth, social security number, address) have been removed from the submission.

If permission cannot be obtained or if de-identification is not possible, the submission files will not be posted to the iCollaborative website.

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Creative Commons License

iCollaborative respects the original authorship of all submissions and does not pursue ownership in any materials it receives or posts. Submitted resources are associated with the Attribution-NonCommerical Commons License.

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Resource Expiration

iCollaborative aims to provide a platform for educators and learners to share educational innovations that are being developed, implemented and tested within the health professions. In an effort to maintain relevance, posted materials are removed from the system three years from the date of posting.

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