Peer Review

Impartial assessment is an essential component of scholarly review. Peer review is the attentive, unbiased assessment of materials submitted to publication outlets by reviewers and is the very foundation of academic publication. Collegiality, respect for the author's dignity, and constructive criticism should undergird the review process. Reviewers ensure that submitted resources are accurate, clear, complete, and relevant to health education.

Invited reviewers and the peer review process serve as an important quality gatekeeper for MedEdPORTAL Publications

In 2004, a task force convened by the Association of American Medical Colleges developed an extensive peer-review form. This form was based on the commonly accepted Glassick, Huber and Maeroff* standards of educational scholarship. In an effort to improve and streamline the peer-review process, the MedEdPORTAL Publications editorial board revised the review criteria and form in December 2007.

*Glassick CE, Huber MT, Maeroff GI. Scholarship Assessed: Evaluation of the Professoriate. 1997; San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

For more information, please download the MedEdPORTAL Publications PDF DocumentEducational Scholarship Guide.



  • 4.0% Accepted
  • 81.0% Accepted after revisions

  • 15.0% Rejected

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