Reviewer Policies & Guidelines


Authors entrust reviewers with their creative effort. As such, their reputation and career may be affected by disclosure of the confidential details of their work’s review. Because of this, reviewers are asked to keep the following information confidential while a submission is under review:

  • The name of the author(s) and affiliated institution(s).
  • The title and specific nature of the material. Reviewers must not use knowledge of the work, before its publication, to further their own interests.

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MedEdPORTAL employs a single-blind review process. While the identity of the author is available to the reviewer, the identities of the reviewers are not available to the author. This is to ensure an impartial review.

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Conflict of Interest

Reviewers and editors are required to declare any and all potential conflicts of interest. Please see our Reviewer Expectations for what constitutes a conflict of interest. If an author of a submission under consideration has a primary appointment at the editor-in-chief's institution, decisions regarding that submission will be made by the deputy editor or an associate editor. 

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Publication Threshold

It is important to note that, unlike traditional print publications, MedEdPORTAL has no need to limit submissions based on the usual publication constraints (i.e., page length, space, etc.). In addition, MedEdPORTAL has no plans to accept or reject any predetermined percentage of submissions. The decision to accept or reject rests on the educational and scholarly merit of the submission.

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