Internal Medicine Clerkship Multiple Choice Quiz Questions

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University of Louisville School of Medicine


This is a question bank of 380 multiple-choice questions designed for use during an Internal Medicine Clerkship. The questions are designed for "open book" use to reinforce a recommended reading schedule during our 12-week Internal Medicine clerkship at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Since they are used in an "open book" manner, they require critical application of text material and are more difficult than standard student board-prep questions. The texts we require during our clerkship are the First Exposure Ambulatory Medicine and Inpatient Medicine texts, but the questions should adequately reinforce reading in any student-appropriate text.

Questions are grouped by topic. Some questions are written to be used in concert with pictures, as the pictures were not the property of the authors, the pictures have been removed and a one-line description of an appropriate image substituted. Users of the picture questions can find pictures to enable them to use these question stems as originally intended. Some of the questions are more ambiguous than questions students will encounter in standard board prep materials--this has actually been helpful as it will promote reading from various sources and study. However, to be able to accurately grade the quizzes, we have to remind students that the answers can be found in their assigned texts. Correct answer choices are indicated with bold text. This is extremely effective in enforcing the recommended reading schedule throughout our clerkship. It has also been effective in identifying individuals at risk for self failure due either to poor test-taking skills, lack of systematic study, or inadequate background knowledge or clinical exposure. We have fewer students fail our self as a result of using these questions in open-book quizzes. I encourage faculty to use them in an open book format. They are likely to be too difficult to use in a closed book quiz. Students also take a lot of time (about 4 hours) to complete each quiz. We randomly select 20 questions from defined topic areas to generate each student's individual quiz. Our students complete 4 quizzes over a 12 week clerkship. We have designed the quizzes to reinforce required reading in the First Exposure series for Internal Medicine, but the questions should be applicable for any student-oriented text of Internal Medicine.


Holthouser A, Shaw M. Internal medicine clerkship multiple choice quiz questions. MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2009;5:1697.

Contains time-sensitive information that will likely be inaccurate, obsolete, or irrelevant by May 15, 2011

Educational Objectives

To be able to gain the ability to demonstrate adequate medical knowledge and a critical approach to clinical patient scenarios by choosing the most correct answer.


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