Tool for Assessing Cultural Competence Training (TACCT)

Format Publication ID Version Published
Evaluation Tool, Presentation 325 1 July 24, 2006
Association of American Medical Colleges


Note: A more current version of this resource has been published in MedEdPORTAL as version 2 and is titled: "A Revised Curriculum Tool for Assessing Cultural Competency Training (TACCT) in Health Professions Education" (Publication ID 3185).

For measuring teaching and learning of cultural competence in the undergraduate medical school curriculum, TACCT materials includes the TACCT surveys, directions for administering, background material, two bibliographies--alpha and categorical, and a new Resource Guide of Web resources for use after administration of the TACCT.


Lie D. Tool for Assessing Cultural Competence Training (TACCT). MedEdPORTAL; 2006. Available from:

Educational Objectives

To be able to increase cultural competency of medical students.


  • Minority, TACCT, Ethnic Groups (MeSH), Race Relations (MeSH), Educational Measurement (MeSH)


  • Medical
    • Family Medicine

Competencies Addressed

  • Medical
    • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
    • Medical Knowledge
    • Patient Care
    • Practice-based Learning & Improvement
    • Professionalism
    • Systems-based Practice

Academic Focus

  • Clinical Sciences
    • Clinical Skills/Doctoring

Professional Interest

  • Assessment
  • Cultural Diversity/Cultural Competency
  • Instructional Materials/Methods
  • Professionalism
  • Quality Improvement

Intended Audience

  • Professional School
    • Medical Student

Instructional Methods

  • Assessment
  • Independent Study

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