HEAL (Health Education Assets Library) (Out of Print)

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Multimedia, Image, Reference 393 1 October 22, 2006
Health Education Assets Library


This publication predates MedEdPORTAL Publication’s policy requiring authors to include all files and materials for end user implementation. To maintain the integrity of our peer review process, MedEdPORTAL Publications no longer permits content hosted on external sites.

The Health Education Assets Library (HEAL) was formed to facilitate sharing of multimedia resources in a freely accessible, highly searchable digital library. HEAL's mission is to provide free digital resources of the highest quality that meet the needs of today's health sciences educators and learners, and the librarians who serve them. The HEAL collection currently contains a number of collections of multimedia resources for health sciences undergraduate and professional education, as well as resources for patient and consumer health.


Team H. HEAL (Health Education Assets Library) (Out of Print). MedEdPORTAL; 2006. Available from: www.mededportal.org/publication/393

Contains Information Suitable for Patient Education


  • HEAL, Digital Library, Repository

Competencies Addressed

  • Medical
    • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
    • Medical Knowledge
    • Patient Care
    • Practice-based Learning & Improvement

Academic Focus

  • Basic Sciences
    • Gross Anatomy
    • Histology
    • Pathology

Professional Interest

  • Communication Skills
  • Curriculum Development/Evaluation
  • Instructional Materials/Methods
  • Professionalism
  • Quality Improvement

Intended Audience

  • Professional & Faculty Development
  • Professional School
    • Dental Student
    • Medical Student
    • Nursing Student
    • Pharmacy Student
  • Professional School Post-Graduate Training

Instructional Methods

  • Independent Study

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