Clinical Examination of the Eye and Its Adnexa For Non-Ophthalmologists (Out of Print)

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7758 March 8, 2010 6


This web-based multimedia presentation shows the non-ophthalmologist how to perform a complete examination of the eye and its adnexa using commonly available clinical instruments. Video clips of normal and abnormal pupillary reactions and extraocular muscle movements are included. This information has been used for several years to augment teaching of the eye exam for medical students in their second and fourth years.

Editor’s Note
This publication is out of print as it contains expired content and/or no longer aligns with MedEdPORTAL Publications’ policies.


Morris W. Clinical examination of the eye and its adnexa for non-ophthalmologists (out of print). MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2010;6:7758.

Educational Objectives

To be able to have the viewer learn to perform a physical examination of the eyes and their adnexae with instruments and supplies commonly available to medical students and non-ophthalmologists.


  • Eye Examination, Non-Ophthalmologist, Visual Perception, Adnexa

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