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This video is a clinical guide for the students to look at every procedure done in each visit before the patient is brought to his or her appointment.
The video is conducted in six visits which are: 1.) Primary Impressions 2.) Final Impressions 3.) Maxillomandibular Relations 4.) Try-in appointment 5.) Insertion, and 6.) Adjustments.

Although there are manuals that describe each patient visit for the fabrication of a complete partial denture, this video demonstrates the clinical techniques by appointment to be performed with a patient. Clinical concepts covered include the tips and handling of dental biomaterials, armamentarium and recognition of anatomic landmarks essential to achieving preliminary and final impressions. The video provides the student with a visit by visit review of the clinical criteria to be achieved with the patient. The importance of border molding, trimming of the custom tray, how to take a maxillomandibular relation record (MMR), vertical dimension at rest (VDR) and vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO) measures and how to do a clinical remount are emphasized. Additionally this video models essential communication between the patient and provider and organizational skills necessary for each patient visit. This video can be used by faculty in class to demonstrate clinical procedures in fabricating a complete denture and can also be used independently for student review in their clinical treatment of patients to help them as they challenge clinical competencies.

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Rey R, Fernandez M, Aguilar M, Rueda L. Complete denture video. MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2012;8:8443.

Educational Objectives

  1. To describe the procedures needed to be done in each patient visit for a complete denture.
  2. To demonstrate how a preliminary impression is done.
  3. To evaluate important criteria for a final impression is taken.
  4. To demonstrate how a Maxillomandibular record is done.
  5. To demonstrate how a try-in, insertion and adjustment are performed.


  • Complete Denture, Jaw Fixation Techniques, Maxillomandibular Relation, Final Impression

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