Tooth # 19 Full Cast Crown Preparation Chamfer

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Video 8474 1 June 27, 2011
New York University College of Dentistry


A 20 minute fully narrated instructional video depicting the step wise procedure for the preparation of tooth # 19, a mandibular left first molar, for a full crown cast restoration using a chamfer type finishing line. The procedure is performed on a mannequin mandible. The presentation goes from the unprepared tooth to the completed preparation with access to the facial, mesial, distal, occlusal and lingual aspects of the tooth by means of chapter markers.


Kozlovsky M, Shanmugam K, Skiba W, Furnari P. Tooth # 19 Full Cast Crown Preparation Chamfer. MedEdPORTAL; 2011. Available from:

Educational Objectives

To be able to prepare a mandibular first molar for a full cast crown restoration. To achieve a preparation that satisfies the criteria for the fabrication of a full metal crown restoration. To be able to follow the steps necessary to appropriately reduce and shape the entire tooth for the requirements of a full crown restoration.


  • Tooth Preparation (MeSH), Full Cast Crown, Crowns (MeSH), Mouth (MeSH), Restoration Repair, Molar


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    • Patient Care

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