The Indirect Working Die Technique for Fabrication of Provisional Restorations

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8508 September 12, 2011 7


A video of an indirect technique for making acrylic provisional dental crowns and fixed partial dentures.

As a result of direct visualization of all aspects of the teeth through the use of a system of flexible removable dies, the indirect working die technique enables a practitioner to produce accurate provisional dental restorations with superior marginal adaptation. Unlike gypsum dies, flexible elastomeric dies may be reused to create additional restorations when needed.


Antonelli J. The indirect working die technique for fabrication of provisional restorations. MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2011;7:8508.

Educational Objectives

  1. To learn to fabricate accurate provisional restorations prior to the patient's appointment.
  2. To develop an understanding of the advantages of the indirect technique vs the direct technique as it relates to marginal accuracy of restorations.
  3. To understand how elastomers can be used to fabricate working dies for use in construction of provisional restorations.
  4. To develop a program for fabricating provisional restorations that can be utilized by dentists and expanded function dental assistants in an office setting.
  5. To understand the time and cost-saving advantages of utilizing an indirect technique for making provisional restorations.


  • Indirect Working Die, Provisional Restoration, Fixed Partial Dentures, Crowns, Restoration Repair, Elastomers

Prior Scholarly Dissemination

General Dentistry


  1. Antonelli, John R and Torio, Raymond S. “A new and indirect working die technique for fabricating temporary restorations.” General Dentistry, 47, No. 2 (March/April 1999), 202-205.

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