PedsCases - A Learning Module for the Approach to Childhood Obesity

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PedsCases ( is a comprehensive web-based educational tool that focuses on the core objectives of undergraduate pediatric education with extensive student involvement. PedsCases was created for and by medical students that provides an opportunity for active self-directed learning in pediatrics. The learning modalities available include questions, flash-card type quizzes, multi-step clinical cases and podcasts.

This learning module includes a podcast that allows medical students to develop an approach to obesity in a child. Subsequently, the case presents an eleven-year-old girl who presents for a well child check-up and is found to be obese. The case ensures that students understand the definition and potential causes of childhood obesity. The case helps the students develop an approach to history and physical examination of an obese child. Useful investigations are discussed and a shotgun approach is discouraged.

Medical schools are replacing traditional didactic lectures with interactive problem-based learning. This shift reflects consensus among educators that active inquisition and discovery is a more effective learning method than passive absorption. This signals a shift toward student-centred learning which puts the onus on the student to identify useful educational tools.

There is a deficiency of pediatric medical education in the undergraduate curriculum. Pediatrics is taught longitudinally, with lectures sparsely distributed throughout the preclinical and clinical curriculum. Students are often overwhelmed by the resources available and this has compelled the creation of a comprehensive educational tool to focus on the core objectives of undergraduate pediatric education tailored to medical students.

PedsCases is a collaborative resource created for and by medical students that provides an opportunity for active self-directed learning. The site engages students by inviting participation, either as authors or by contributing to the discussion surrounding material. The premise of the website is that students create the cases directed towards educational deficiencies and the content is peer-reviewed by pediatricians to ensure validity, accuracy and usefulness.

All content on the website is labeled with one or more topics to facilitate sorting of the material by subspecialty. The subspecialty moderator must approve the content to be labeled.


Champagne C, Jetha M. PedsCases - a learning module for the approach to childhood obesity. MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2012;8:9130.

Educational Objectives

After completing this case, a learner should be able:

  1. To define ‘obesity’ in children.
  2. To develop an approach to history and physical exam in overweight children.
  3. To list the common etiologies of obesity, and some of its rarer causes.
  4. To list the common medical complications of childhood obesity.
  5. To list the appropriate investigations to be included in the initial work up of an obese child.
  6. To list allied healthcare professionals essential in treating obesity and its complications. 


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