Computer-Based Dissection Manual (CBDM) of the Thorax

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This resource is an online Computer-Based Dissection Manual (CBDM) of the Thorax directed toward first year medical, dental or other students taking human gross anatomy courses with a dissection laboratory component. The CBDM provides a resource to guide students through the requisite steps of each dissection module, and serves as a powerful tool for independent study and review. The purpose of the CBDM is to increase the efficiency of dissection in the gross anatomy laboratory, improve dissection techniques, and stimulate active, self-directed learning. The material includes labeled digital images from the dissection of the thoracic wall and thoracic cavity, along with written dissection instructions. It is divided into four sections: Thoracic Wall and Lungs, Heart- External Anatomy, Heart- Internal Anatomy, and Mediastinum. Each section contains multiple steps required to complete the dissection module. The program is menu-driven, allows for viewing of the entire content in sequence, or, selected sections or steps in any order. The CBDM of the Thorax is intended as an anatomy laboratory visual guide, which might be used by medical, dental or graduate anatomy students as a supplement to a commercial detailed dissection manual, or may serve as a standalone online laboratory for undergraduate anatomy students.

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Kraszpulska B, Ritterhoff K, Gainor R. Computer-Based Dissection Manual (CBDM) of the Thorax. MedEdPORTAL Publications; 2012. Available from:

Educational Objectives

  1. To understand the approach to the thorax dissection.
  2. To learn the basic anatomy of the thoracic wall, thoracic cavity, and thoracic organs.
  3. To determine three-dimensional relationships of thoracic cavity organs.
  4. To review dissected structures after each session.
  5. To provide unlimited access to the “prosection” material outside of the anatomy lab.


  • Dissection (MeSH), Cadaver, Thoracic Wall (MeSH), Thoracic Cavity (MeSH), Lung (MeSH), Heart (MeSH), Mediastinum (MeSH), Thorax


  • Knowledge for Practice

Instructional Methods

  • Independent Learning

Organ Systems

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Reproductive system

Academic Focus

  • Basic Sciences
    • Gross Anatomy

Intended Audience

  • Professional School
    • Dental Student
    • Medical Student


  • Lab Guide

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