A Case-Based and Evidence-Based Seminar Series for Senior Dental Students

Format Publication ID Version Published
Case, Evaluation Tool, Reference 9215 1 August 15, 2012
University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry


The teaching module presented is a small portion of a multi-disciplinary seminar series, which uses an evidence and case-based approach to teach senior year dental students about the parallels seen in clinical dentistry and to stress treatment decision-making based on evidence, to support synthesis of new concepts based on a scientific approach, to strengthen our students’ ability to self reflect, and to emphasize the tenets of life-long learning.


Fendler F, Hoover T, Lyon L. A Case-Based and Evidence-Based Seminar Series for Senior Dental Students . MedEdPORTAL; 2012. Available from: www.mededportal.org/publication/9215

Educational Objectives

  1. Support and expand application of theory to clinical practice experiences
  2. Stress treatment decision-making based on evidence
  3. Support synthesis of new concepts based on a scientific approach
  4. Strengthen students’ ability to self-reflect
  5. Emphasize the tenets of life-long learning


  • Multi-Disciplinary, Life-Long Learning


  • Dental
    • Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment
    • Clinical Exam
    • Critical Thinking
    • Ethics
    • Patient Care

Competencies Addressed

  • Medical
    • Medical Knowledge
    • Patient Care

Academic Focus

  • Clinical Sciences
    • Clinical Skills/Doctoring

Professional Interest

  • Evaluation of Clinical Performance
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Oral Health

Intended Audience

  • Professional School
    • Dental Student

Instructional Methods

  • Lecture
  • Problem-based Learning

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