SHOCK! Three Simulated Case Series for Medical Students

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This case series is a set of three High Fidelity Simulation Cases designed to be given in a block (approximately three hours in total duration), to Clerkship students (3rd or 4th year medical students), during their rotation in the Emergency Department. The cases are independent, but build on each other to give the learner a comprehensive understanding of different shock, and management of shock, in the Emergency Department setting. It is recommended to give the three cases back, to back, to back, in a set block of time for maximal effect and learning.

This simulated case series was developed over three years ago and has been used extensively for the last three years on over 360 students, during the Emergency Medicine Clerkship. This is the first simulated case series on shock that we can find in MedEdPORTAL. There are individual cases on topic such as sepsis, but not a comprehensive set of simulated cases on shock. We believe these three cases highlight key and important types of shock that are typically seen or that a student need to know how to manage. The simulation case series has been extremely well received by students (see feedback attached), and the cases have been refined to its current form through three years of implementation.


Ko P, Sarsfield M, Campoli J, Freeman R, Welch K. SHOCK! Three simulated case series for medical students. MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2014;10:9711.

Educational Objectives

  1. Obtain an appropriate/focused history and physical exam on a patient in shock.
  2. Identify and recognize shock in the cases based on patient clinical presentation and vital signs.
  3. Treat the unstable patient appropriately based on clinical presentation and type of shock.
  4. Obtain and give oral presentation on patient, to appropriate consultants in each case (if necessary) in management and disposition of patient.


  • Septic Shock, Hemorrhagic Shock, Respiratory Shock, Shock, High Fidelity Simulation, Patient Simulation, Emergency Medicine, Clinical Clerkship, Students

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