Ultrasound-Guided Paracentesis

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9774 April 3, 2014 10


An educational video on the steps to performing an ultrasound-guided, therapeutic and diagnostic paracentesis. The video covers indications and contradictions for performing the procedure, patient consent, patient preparation and positioning, performing the initial scan, required equipment, pre-procedure time out, equipment set-up and preparation, sterilization and draping, ultrasound probe set-up, procedure, and aftercare.

This video covers a gap in education for physical examination of patients using ultrasound. Although other educational videos of physical examination using ultrasound exist (for example, from the New England Journal of Medicine), a good video demonstrating the proper use of ultrasound-guided for paracentesis does not.


Ma I, Sharma N, Nagassar S, Wishart I, Holroyd-Leduc J, Novak K. Ultrasound-guided paracentesis. MedEdPORTAL Publications. 2014;10:9774. http://doi.org/10.15766/mep_2374-8265.9774

Contains Information Suitable for Patient Education

Educational Objectives

  1. List the indications and contraindications to using ultrasound-guided paracentesis.
  2. Describe how to prepare and position a patient for the procedure.
  3. Describe how to perform an initial ultrasound scan.
  4. List the equipment necessary for conducting the procedure.
  5. Describe how to set up the equipment.
  6. List the steps necessary in sterilizing and draping the procedure.
  7. Describe how to use the ultrasound to perform the procedure.
  8. Describe the aftercare needed post-procedure.


  • Ultrasound, Ultrasonography, Paracentesis, Physical Examination, Therapeutics, Diagnosis

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