MedEdPORTAL Submission Agreement

Last Updated: March 22, 2019

Welcome to the MedEdPORTAL Web site (“MedEdPORTAL,” “our site,” or “this site”), owned and operated by the Association of American Medical Colleges (“AAMC,” “we” or “us”). MedEdPORTAL includes

Read this Agreement carefully before submitting to MedEdPORTAL.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

These terms of use (“Terms”) govern your submission to MedEdPORTAL and by submitting materials to this site you signify your agreement to and acceptance of all the Terms set forth below. If you do not accept these Terms, do not submit materials to this site.

The AAMC Website Terms & Conditions and AAMC Privacy Statement are incorporated herein by reference. If a conflict exists between the AAMC Web Site Terms and Conditions and the AAMC Privacy Statement and these Terms, these Terms shall take precedence.

By using this site, you also indicate your understanding that we may revise these Terms from time to time without providing notice to you. Your continued use of this site after we have revised the Terms will indicate that you accept them as revised. We recommend you review these Terms regularly.

Material Submission Requirements

You understand that the purpose of MedEdPORTAL is to promote educational scholarship and to encourage the free exchange of peer-reviewed instructional and assessment materials that support health education. You represent that your submission is consistent with this mission.

You represent that the parties listed on the MedEdPORTAL Submission Form (collectively, the “Authors”) are aware of and agree to this submission and these Terms.

By submitting a resource to MedEdPORTAL you understand and agree that submissions must comply with these Terms and the Submission Policies & Guidelines. You represent that the information provided through the MedEdPORTAL Submission Form is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge. These submission related documents are incorporated herein by reference. Further, you agree MedEdPORTAL may publish the contact information of the author designated in the MedEdPORTAL Submission Form.

You represent that the Authors hold all original copyrights to the materials submitted, or the Authors have obtained written permission from the copyright owner to make these materials available via a publicly accessible Web site, such as MedEdPORTAL.

MedEdPORTAL desires to be the primary dissemination mechanism for your work. If you wish to disseminate your publication through other means (e.g., an external website), you agree to include the MedEdPORTAL citation, including the link to the MedEdPORTAL publication.

Submission Screening Process

You understand that submitting materials to MedEdPORTAL does not guarantee that the materials will be reviewed, accepted or published.

You understand that your submission will be screened to ensure that it meets minimum inclusion criteria. If your submission meets such criteria, it may be reviewed by two unbiased peers using a standardized review instrument. Such review may include editors revising content to enhance its relevance, consistency, usability or to conform to MedEdPORTAL publication standards.

In the event your submission contains personal identifiers or patient health information, you agree that you have obtained signed informed consent forms and that these consent forms allow for such personal information to be made publicly available via a Web site such as MedEdPORTAL.

In the event your submission includes biohealth content, you understand that your material may, at the discretion of the MedEdPORTAL editor, undergo periodic, additional reviews to ensure that such content does not become obsolete.

Intellectual Property Grant

To the extent permitted under applicable state law, you hereby grant the AAMC a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free right to display, reproduce, disseminate, annotate, archive, backup, and otherwise promote your submitted materials.

To the extent permitted under applicable state law, you agree to hold AAMC harmless in the event that a third party uses your materials in violation of the usage rights you granted to AAMC, or in any other illegal, improper or infringing manner.


If a provision of these Terms is or becomes invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect the validity or enforceability in other jurisdiction of that or any other provision of these Terms.

You understand that even if your materials are accepted by MedEdPORTAL and are subsequently published, they may be revised as described herein or removed at any time and without notice to you at the discretion of the MedEdPORTAL editor(s).