Scope of Submissions

MedEdPORTAL Publications welcomes submissions of educational or assessment materials designed and implemented with an audience that is considered to be within the continuum of health professional education (e.g., college, professional school, residency, continuous professional development).

The Submission-to-Publication Process



Any health educator or learner may submit materials to be considered for peer review. All submitting authors must complete the MedEdPORTAL Publications submission form hosted at ScholarOne Manuscripts. There are no fees associated with submission processing and/or publishing. 

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All submissions are screened by MedEdPORTAL Publications staff to ensure they meet minimal scholarship requirements and do not violate any copyright or patient privacy standards or laws. For more information on preparing materials for submission, please see our Submission Instructions.

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Peer Review

All items submitted by authors that successfully clear the screening process must also pass through the MedEdPORTAL Publications peer review process. Two invited expert reviewers are selected by the editor-in-chief or associate editor and may recommend one of the following three publication decisions:

  • Accept
  • Revisions Required
  • Reject

The editor-in-chief evaluates the submitted reviews and makes the final publication decision. A formal decision e-mail is sent to the primary author regarding the publication decision and includes comments and recommendations from the reviewers.

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If the submission passes peer review, MedEdPORTAL Publications staff prepare the resource for final publication. This process involves formatting the Educational Summary Report, ensuring keywords are standardized using MeSH (Medical Subject Headings), and transferring all submission details and the peer reviewed appendices to the MedEdPORTAL Publications site.

When the aforementioned items are complete, the resource is formally published and becomes both searchable and downloadable on the MedEdPORTAL Publications website.

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Publication Timeline

The average time to first decision for submissions to MedEdPORTAL Publications is approximately three months. Authors are encouraged to rectify potential copyright and patient privacy concerns prior to submission to speed up the process.

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