Educational Summary Report

The Educational Summary Report (ESR) is a required component of all submissions to MedEdPORTAL. The ESR provides a summary overview of the entire submission and should serve as a guide for understanding the purpose and scope of the resource. Authors should be aware that a MedEdPORTAL publication consists of the ESR and all related resources contained within the submission.

Requirements and Template

The following resources are available to help authors prepare a comprehensive and thorough Educational Summary Report. Authors who do not adequately address each section and comply with format requirements in the ESR template risk rejection prior to peer review. Staff will format templates of accepted ESRs upon publication.

  • Microsoft Word DocumentESR Template – full text instruction and basic formatting requirements
  • PDF DocumentESR Style Guide – formatting guidelines for headings, tables, and figures

Special Format Submissions

Most MedEdPORTAL submissions should use the standard ESR template, but there are several submission types that have additional or unique requirements based on their pedagogical focus. Special format ESR templates are available for the following submissions:

MedEdPORTAL and Similarity Check

MedEdPORTAL is part of Similarity Check, a multipublisher initiative to screen published and submitted content for originality. This initiative provides the necessary tools to ensure that potential misconduct is identified at an early stage in the process—ideally, before publication. The  iThenticate system made available to Similarity Check members has been designed specifically to identify the two main categories of misconduct: plagiarism and redundant or duplicate publication. Before a MedEdPORTAL submission is considered for editorial review, the submission’s Educational Summary Report is scanned by iThenticate and compared with other articles in the Similarity Check database. View the Plagiarism and Misconduct Policy.

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