Submission Instructions

Each submission to MedEdPORTAL must function as a stand-alone teaching or learning module and be considered an original and complete work that may be implemented as-is by others.

MedEdPORTAL does not accept traditional articles or manuscripts that only describe a resource, project, or curriculum. A superficial course syllabus, workshop outline, or basic PowerPoint presentation usually fails peer review. In addition, static biomedical reference materials that have little or no instructional focus are typically not considered to fall within the scope of MedEdPORTAL.

Authors are strongly encouraged to read the following information prior to initiating the online submission form. Reviewing and adhering to the following information prior to starting the submission will strengthen the submission and increase the likelihood that it will be accepted.

Submission Standards

All submissions must follow the MedEdPORTAL Submission Standards. We encourage potential authors to carefully review this checklist before they initiate the submission process.

To be eligible for publication, each MedEdPORTAL submission must:

  • Be an original and complete work that may be implemented as‐is by other instructors.

  • Have been implemented with and evaluated by target learners.

  • Include the actual content (i.e., do not submit only course/curriculum outlines).

  • Contain all key resources and materials required for implementation by others.

  • Include evidence that it conforms to the six criteria for scholarship adapted from Scholarship Assessed (Glassick et al., 1997).

  • Use the suggested format, as applicable (i.e., Team-Based Learning, Assessment Instruments, Human Patient Simulation, Standardized Patients).

  • Include an Educational Summary Report.

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Educational Summary Report

The Educational Summary Report (ESR) is a required component of all submissions to MedEdPORTAL. The ESR provides a summary overview of the entire submission and should serve as a guide for understanding the purpose and scope of the resource. Authors should be aware that a MedEdPORTAL publication consists of the ESR and all related resources contained within the submission.

For additional information on the ESR, please see the Educational Summary Report.

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Adherence to Scholarly Criteria

This table provides prospective authors with guidance regarding six criteria for scholarship as adapted from those described in Scholarship Assessed (Glassick et al., 1997). Authors are encouraged to assess their own work using this table. This information must pervade the resource. Reviewers and editors will judge all submissions in light of these criteria. Submissions may be rejected if the authors fail to provide sufficient evidence for one or more of the criteria.Scholarly Criteria Table

Adapted from: Glassick, C., Huber, M., & Maeroff, G. Scholarship assessed. 1997. San Francisco, CA: Jossey‐Bass.

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